My LA Splash liquid matte review ♡

So as I posted on Instagram that I would be doing a review here we go!!!


I was introduced to LA Splash liquid matte lipsticks by a friend. She told me that they were the greatest lipsticks ever and just raved on and on about them. So I decided why the heck not try them out for myself? I mean my husband knows my problem when it comes to makeup so I’m sure he was expecting me to get something new sooner or later.

The first one I purchased from LA Splash was Enchanted. It’s a red with a pink tint in it. Gorgeous color! I have to say I was quite impressed with it. When I put it on it glided on smoothly. The texture is not too thin or too thick, it is just right. The lipstick dries matte and it does not take a freaking eternity to dry like other brands do. There was no stickiness to it either. I enjoyed thelong lasting duration that it has. I did not have to reapply my lipstick at all throughout the day.

So with all of the being said, I do have to say that I absolutely love these liquid mattes! Hence the reason why I got more, lol. They didn’t dry my lips out so that is a plus as well!! I recommend these to those who want a long lasting lipstick that won’t just rub off!

I’m wearing Goals AF in the pictures below!

The good thing about LA Splash Liquid Matte is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg to get one. Yes it is a little more expensive than your drugstore liquid lipsticks but not as expensive as your highend brands. These beauties will cost you $14 a pop + taxes and shipping, but hey you won’t hear me complaining!! The only downfall is I don’t believe you can find LA Splash in stores. I believe you can only order online.

I am hoping to order some of their glitters and liners soon to test out as well!

Here is a close up of the swatches I did…


You can find these gorgeous colors at:

Who has tried anything from LA Splash? What was your fave?


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