OMG my 2nd YouTube video!!

So as you all may know (I can’t remember if I have mentioned it for the life of me) I have recently started a YouTube channel!! Yay go me! I have always dreamed of having a YouTube channel so bam making dreams come true!! Ok so I currently have 2 videos up on my channel…. I can say that omg I need to learn and practice!!! The things I have learned in the past few days:

– I need to make thumbnails because the pic I have for my video is like me with my mouth open…. Smh….

– also I can’t upload a thumbnail on anything other than my laptop/computer

– I need to use my Canon to make videos because dear lawd my phone is just…. Nope

– I need to figure out a totally bomb video editing software or app because yay without it my videos are just not

– I need to be organized and plan my videos ahead of time so they aren’t all scatter brained all over the place

I mean just look at my faces lol…. Smh… Thumbnail fails!!!!

I can say it is quite a challenge learning something I have never done before but you know what? I think it is freaking awesome that I actually started my channel!!!  I wish I would have started it a long time ago. The thing that I can say was holding me back was my fears… Fears that I would bomb and sink and the fear that I am not the greatest baddest mua around. I decided that I was sick of standing on the side lines and figured what the hell you all can join me on my journey to become some badass mua. Who cares if I’m not the greatest…. At least I’m trying, right?

So here is my second video… Check it out leave me feedback and watch as I get better at it over time!!!! Trust me construci be critism is more than welcomed. I promise I’m not a huge baby and I won’t get upset if my video sucks. I want to know what I did good or bad so I can learn!!



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