My Goals for this blog and YouTube channel❤️

When starting a blog and/or YouTube channel there is usually a reason behind it.  

So I’m sure you are wondering what is the reason behind my blog and YouTube channel. That’s a great question! So I figured I would take the time to explain my dreams and goals for this blog and my channel.

​💋 Why did I start my blog and channel? 

I decided to start my blog and channel because I absolutely love the beauty world! I know I’m not the most qualified in this world but I am learning. Everything about fashion, makeup, beauty, DIYs, and such fascinate me! It is constantly changing. I also love writing! Writing was my all time favorite thing in school. I was thinking one day what I could do to incorporate the two things I love so I decided on starting this blog. Now I sure you are wondering “what about your channel?” Well I follow so many YouTubers and watching them do a certain look is a great way for me to learn. Everyone starts somewhere. The beauty aspect to makings YouTube video is what gets me. I have learned from so any huge names by watching them so why not share what I know to those starting off? I will also be able to look back and see what I have learned over time; beauty wise, video making wise and such.

💋 What are my goals for my blog and channel?

1. To have fun doing what I love and to learn as much as I can about anything and everything beauty.

2. To show those starting off that even though you may not know everything to not be afraid to chase your dreams. I am far from a beauty guru but why not learn as I go? I let what I didn’t know stop me fro, doing what I had dreamed of doing for so long. I finally decided that I may not know the most but why not share what I do know and learn more as well!

3. To learn how to master or to get pretty darn good at photography and video/picture editing!!

4. To one day become a badass MUA and beauty guru!!!

So you all will have the pleasure to see my progress over time, in not only beauty but in the editing/designing aspect as well! I will share what I know and learn! I will always accept feedback good or bad, that’s how you learn through trial and error. In time I will reach my goals and I will also help others reach their goals! 😘
You will find people who do this for the fame and riches (as if all vloggers get rich) and those who do this for love and passion. Those that do this for love and passion are the best ones! They are the ones that inspire others!

Hopefully one day I will inspire others like I have been inspired ❤️

Alright everyone until the next time!  The hubby and I are both off today so this is what us lazy people do on days off…. Lay around in bed watching shows and movies. A scary movie will hopefully be on the program today😬


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