Dreams are coming true and love package ❤️

So literally in the past week so much has happened all of a sudden (not bad things either). I figured I had to share my excitement with all of you!!!! 
In a matter of a week this is what happened:

✔️ We finally sold one of our cars that we didn’t use anymore 

✔️ We sold some furniture that was just taking up too much space at home

✔️ I enrolled in cosmetology school and start in less than 2 weeks

✔️ We found a house that needs a little fixing up for an amazing price

✔️ We got approved for a loan to buy the house 

✔️ We will be starting paperwork on it by the end of this week so it will be ours

✔️ We will have our loan paid off completely in only 6 years

✔️ We had our very first Scout meeting in Rocky Point…. VERY FIRST!!!!!

✔️ I am officially a Cub Scout Leader!!!!!

✔️💋 I got my very first 2 Jeffree Star, 2 Kat Von D, and 2 NYX lippies (thanks to my awesome friend who sent me a love package) yes reviews and swatches to come!!!!
In one week so much can happen! It is incredible what happens when you least expect it. I would have never imagined buying a house at 26 years old (yes younger people have bought houses but this is me). I also never in my life imagined being a part of Boy Scouts but it will make a difference in my boy’s lives and the lives of many boys here in rocky point!
This is what my amazing friend sent me

I have never tried any of the lippies so I will have to swatch and review them all for you!! The creams, soap, and sticks smell AMAZING!!!!! They are perfectly posh btw… All natural ❤️ I will have reviews on those as well if you all want!! 

Well loves I’m off to go do some baby shower favors shopping! My boss is planning me a baby shower so I’m in charge of the favors!!! DIY baby shower favors to come!!!! 
Ps look at my nails omg just in love ❤️


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