I’m back and in new mommy mode!!

Hey everyone I am back!! I dropped there a bit but I have placed all my priorities and dreams in line and I am back. So a lot has happened since my last post…

1. We bought the house!!! OMG we are official freaking home owners!!!! It is still unreal

2. I started beauty school!!! I have already got a few haircuts under my belt on actual people not just a mannequin (my hubby bite the bullet and let me cut  his hair… poor man was in fear for his hair but I did a darn good job) 

3. I had my baby!! He was born October 16th in the afternoon he wanted to come and then he didn’t want to. Here are some pics I took of him!!!  Absolutely adorable or at least I think so 

4. Also I am official 27 years old!!!! How scary! Only 3 more years until I am the big 30….. 
So now that I am a new mommy all over again…. sleepless nights again 🙄….. your wardrobe changes, or at least for me. No more hoochie mama style, at least not just yet, and more mommy style/comfy yet cute style. It sometimes seems hard to think about comfy as cute but it’s possible… here is my outfit of the day that is both comfy and cute (was not squeezing the stomach or the boobs lol) 

Yes ignore my messy hair and bare face… my hair was all fluffed up and I really didn’t care. As for me and no makeup, I apologize that is a scary sight. I must take a moment and rave about my boots though! This picture does not do them justice. I got them at Goodwill (heck yes I shop there, sometimes the finds are AMAZING). They were $12. They don’t have any name on them so who knows what brand they are or where they came from. They are however leather 😍 and the color is an unusual yet interesting color… here is a better picture of these beauties (they are just a bit dirty because I am wearing them of course)

My outfit today

♥️ shirt – 41 Hawthorne 

♥️ pants – Cruz

♥️ shoes – Goodwill… who knows what brand (are they not gorgeous or what?)
〰Who here is a new mommy? 

〰Who else hits up Goodwill? 

〰 What are some of your neat finds? 

Well I am logging out! The breast pump is calling my name… until the next time

Lots of Love,



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