Skin care secrets!!!

I have struggled with my skin throughout my lifetime! I have had acne issues, dry skin, super oily skin, and more. My skin has had its moments when I’m sure it is out to get me… like seriously. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to have clear gorgeous skin. I have used a lot of different kinds of products. I have tried different things and nothing was helping my horrid skin. I went on Google and researched different things that can be done, then I figured out what works for me.

1. Water!!!! I have to say I am the worst person when it comes to drinking water. I have t make myself drink water because when I stop drinking water my skin starts acting up. That is the absolute #1 tip I have for those who are looking to have better skin. Water plays such a big role in not only the health of our skin but also with our entire body. So drink up ladies, and gentlemen!!!!

2. Wash your face every night!!!! This one was a nightmare for me to get in the hang of doing. I don’t know how many times I have fallen asleep with my makeup still on my face. That is a big BIG no no. If your makeup is plastered on your face throughout the entire night then just remember all of the pores that can and will be clogged up.

3. Take care of your skin! Wash your face every night, apply any of your serums, apply your facial moisturizer, and tone!!! I only exfoliate once a week. You don’t want to over exfoliate. 

Also find products that you need for your skin type. For instance if you have oily skin your not going to get a moisturizer that is oil based, you want so,etching that is oil free. Makeup removers should be your best friends!!! I personally use coconut oil as my makeup remover. It does wonders for my face.

I was recently given a Estée Lauder set which consists of an Advanced Time Zone cream and an Advanced Night Repair serum. It came in a super cute little bag! 

Funny thing is I never really used anti aging or Anything for wrinkles. When I received them I, of course, had to look at my face in the mirror and see if I had any wrinkles… i don’t think so just yet but who knows when they will come. So thinking about how I don’t know when I will start to need anti aging products I might as well start using them now. So I will be testing out this Estée Lauder set and give a review next week!!!
〰 What age do you all think is appropriate to start using anti aging products? 

〰 What products do you use and love?

〰 What are your skincare secrets?
Until the next time peeps!!! My breast pump is calling my name yet again….

Love always ❤️❤️❤️❤️,



3 thoughts on “Skin care secrets!!!

  1. tamaraguin says:

    I believe we should be using products that slow the aging process the moment we start washing our faces! I’m in love with my Posh products! Come check out my blog! ❤


  2. Ema Brewer says:

    Great post! I’m with you on the wrinkle thing 👀😂 I bought anti aging products for 50+ when I was 16 😂 I’ve literally just done a post similar to this but I’ve enjoyed reading yours!! X


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