Day of the Dead and Halloween for this mommy

Día de Los Muertos, Day of th Dead….This holiday is celebrated in Mexico. Día de Los Muertos starts on November 1 and ends November 2. I have always found this holiday quite interesting. It is a day to remember your loved ones that have passed on. I know sounds depressing, huh? Well it’s not about mourning the loved ones that have passed. It isabout celebrating your passed loved ones’ lives. More of a happier holiday than expected. 

Tables/altars are made with a picture of the loved one, food that they loved, and other things that they once enjoyed are placed on the altar. Food on the altar? Yes, food. The food is placed on the altar for your loved ones’ spirit. It is said that children’s spirits come back for the day on November 1 and the adult spirits on November 2. All of that traveling is mighty tough work so why not leave them a little something to snack on! 

Well they had the Day of the Dead celebration at my monsters school today. 2 of my monsters danced in front of the school and parents. I had to paint their faces this morning to get them all ready for the debuts! I have never done sugar skull  makeup before so I was super excited to try! The boys got very basic makeup (they sweat and wipe their faces a lot so I didn’t do too much lol) and my daughter got full out for a newbie! Below is a picture of my monsters and their sugar skull faces… follow me on instagram to see more close up pictures so you all can leave me feedback!!!

Yesterday was Halloween!!! I really need to work on my special effects makeup. I can say that for not being 100% prepared with everything I needed I did a decent job, but I still need to practice. No liquid latex, no paintbrushes, and a few other things missing.

Every Halloween I allow my kids to choose what they want to dress up as. As my oldest son is growing up, he is choosing more and more gruesome costumes. He is growing up…. *tears*…… So this year he decided that he wanted to be a killer clown. Of course he would want to be a killer clown in these times of psycho clowns popping up everywhere. I got the white and black face paint and fake blood…. I forgot the liquid latex and red paint. So since I had no liquid latex, elmers glue became my friend! Surprisingly the glue was not too bad of a substitution for latex. As for red paint, I used some of my LA Splash liquid lipstick in the color Bettie. My daughter was broken porcelain doll, and monster #3 was Batman. 

I can say that Halloween was stressful this year though. The kids didn’t get home from school until 3pm. I had to help them get ready, then I had to paint their faces. That doesn’t sound too terrible, right? Ha ha ha wrong! The hubby had errands to run so I was a one mom show… 4 against 1. I had to paint 3 faces and all I had was 1.5 hours to do so. It would have been great if I was painting an adults face…. no twitching, no bathroom breaks every 5 minutes, no smearing the paint I just put on, no complaining, and no “mom are you done yet?” asked 5 million times. I swear if I was sane before I was no longer sane after that. 

Yes I know “if you can’t handle so many kids then why did you have them?”. I don’t want to hear it. My kids drive me up the freaking wall and back down again yet I love them despite the fact that I had to redo their faces several times because they smeared the paint. After all of that was said and done, we finally finished and off we went. Had a blast trick or treating (lots of candy for me!!) 

I over heard a lot of people commenting on my monster #1’s scary face (oh yea this mommy actual made him somewhat scary… I think) as well as the “ooohhhhhh how cute!” comments aimed at my little Batman. All of that frustration trying to do a decent job on their face paint and it turned out I actual did an ok job. Below is the gang all dressed up, except for ,y newest bundles of joy and ❤️!! How did the costumes turn out? Well more like how did their faces turn out?

Well I am hanging it up for the night… today has been a suuuuuuuppppppppeeeerrrr long never ending day and I feel like passing out where ever right now… I’m tired. Until the next time loves! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. ❤️💋

Lots of love,



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