To hack off the peach fuzz or to not?

So it has been sometime since women shaving their face has become a thing. I remember watching Carli Bybel’s video on how she shaves her face. (I love her and her videos!!!) I remember always having this huge fear that if I shaved my face that some nasty coarse black hair would grow back on my face. So why bother shaving the peach fuzz if a monster will grow back in its place? The horror if that happened! Then I started hearing of women shaving their faces not only to get rid of the peach fuzz but to also help makeup go on smoother.

Come to find out one of my beauty idols shaved her face…. Maryiln Monroe!!! I must say she always seemed to have gorgeous skin! 

 I researched shaving your face and this is what I found:

~ makeup goes on smoother

~ gives your skin a glow

~ you are exfoliating your skin and taking off the top layer of dead skin (great for anti aging!)

~ promotes cellular turnover (anti aging!!)

~ gets rid of the peach fuzz (peach fuzz helps to clog your pores so bye bye fuzz)

~ helps your products to penetrate deeper into your skin 

~ leaves you with soft smooth skin

~ hair won’t grow back thick and black
So now considering all of that, shaving your face isn’t that scary. It actually sounds pretty darn good! I will have to try it out!! I had got a brow razor to try but with the moving and such I have no clue where it went. So as soon as I find it or buy a new one I will let you all know!

If you decide to shave your face, please set down the Venus! Do not use that on your face. I would recommend using either a single razor or a brow/facial razor. You can buy them either online or at Sally’s, I’m sure you can find the brow razor at Walmart or such. When shaving shave downwards and pull your skin. I have seen that you can shave dry or wet. I will have to test it out and see which one is better. After every shave make sure to wash your razor and dip it in alcohol to disinfect the razor. I Would probably shave once a week or so, or however often needed. 

Who here shaves their face? Yay or Nay? Tips? 
So I will let you all know how my first shave goes and my thoughts! Alright lovelies I’m out!!! This old lady needs a nap!!!

Lots of Love,



One thought on “To hack off the peach fuzz or to not?

  1. Tracy says:

    I have been wanting to try out a brow/facial razor for some time now. I keep hearing how it makes your makeup go on so much smoother! I’ll have to try it out soon.


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