New adventure and Lipstick!!!!! 💄💄💄💄

Fun question of the day!!!!

I would have to say my absolute must have is lipstick! This girl needs her lippies 💋💄💋💄

Let me know what your must haves are!! Drop a comment below, on my Instagram, or on my facebook page!!!
I have worked in direct sales at different times throughout my lifetime (makes me sound old lol)! I have always enjoyed direct sales and purchasing from those who work in direct services. I p reo ally believe that supporting direct sales is supporting a family pretty much. I have done several direct sales and not felt super passionate about them so yea…..

 I have seen Lipsense by Senegence around, but I never truly paid much attention to it. Recently my friend told me that she has been purchasing Lipsense and that it is amazing. She only uses Lipsense lippies now. I’m a lipstick fanatic that’s for sure so it was quite intriguing what she had to say about the company. The stay power of these lippies seem to be astonishing, lasts 10-12 hours if not more!!! Like that is freaking unbelievable!!! 

So yes I decided to jump on the band wagon! I will have my personal review on them soon and I will share it with you all! Here are some absolute wows of this company

For those that love makeup, come join my makeup group on Facebook:
I look forward to all of your answers and thoughts. As soon as I know more on the products and get to do reviews I will totally share it all with you all (they have a brow thing I want to try out too)!

Lots of Love,

Haley V.  


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