What’s new with me??

Hey all of you gorgeous people!!! How are you? What’s new in your life?

Today is all about what’s new with me and makeup brush review! This is not a sponsored review about the brushes, they are simply brushes I bought and thought I would share with you all.

So I have drooled over the Artis Oval Brushes but I mean common a couple hundred bucks for makeup brushes….. I can’t do that especially if i have no clue if I will even like them! So I searched Amazon for oval brushes. They aren’t the Artis but I’m sure pretty close! So I came across these brushes (the link is below)

They came in about a week which was pretty fast shipping. They did not come in a box, they were all in one bag, but they were in great condition. I love brushes almost as much as I love lipstick so I was super excited to receive these is such good condition! First time using brushes like these and my experience was freaking amazing! I am so amazed at how well my foundation went on and looked amazing! I believe one or 2 hairs shed from the brush so I can’t complain at all because I have other brushes that shed like no other! I like how these brushes are not super super flimsy. I had read in some reviews of other brushes that the handles were super flimsy and would break easily. I kept that in mind when I used these and obviously I didn’t use a lot of pressure but they didn’t bend and snap, not the strongest handle in the world but not the most flimsy either. 

I really enjoyed them and I will have to figure out what each one is for exactly and get the hang of them but as of now 1-10 I definitely give these babies a 7!!

I have been struggling with my hair, I want it long then I want it gone. My hair is super thin and super fine so it’s just UGH!!! I have a love hate relationship with my hair, mainly hate…. So I have been looking up different hairstyles and such recently and I knew I wanted my hair cut differently before my boss went on her never ending vacation. I would die for long hair but I just felt like my hair isn’t think enough for me to pull long hair off. So I decided on a pixie haircut! Yes I chopped it off!! I didn’t do a super short pixie because a year ago a lady cut my hair super short and I wanted to cry so I wasn’t sure how I would feel about actually wanting and getting my hair cut like clipper short…. so here it is πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Omg I still can’t believe I did it!! So crazy! So now that I have short hair I need style ideas!!! What are some #hairstyles that you short hair girls wear? Help!! Tag me on Facebook, Instagram, comment them below, message me them, however you let me know just let me know!!! This girl needs hair inspo!!!! 

So since we are on the hair subject I thought I should give a shout out to Darla Kmety.

She had reached out to me on my Facebook page (go check it out!) and asked me if I was willing to try out the Monat hair products and give my personal opinion! I said sure why not? I am always trying to find amazing hair products! So she sent me some samples of the Revive hair shampoo and conditioner and I must say that it wasn’t bad at all. The smell of the shampoo was good!!! Yes I smelled it before I used it… lol. The shampoo and conditioner wasn’t drying like some are shampoos and conditioners are on my hair. So from like a week – a week and a halfs worth of use (I don’t wash my hair every day) it seemed to be pretty good! I am super excited about how moisturizing it was for my frail ugh hair! I will have to get some more and see what like a month or 2 months worth of use will do for my hair 

Her website is http://www.darlakmety.mymonat.com if anyone wants to look at the site and see what it is and all!

Well I’m out, for now….. I have some more LA Splash lippies, glitters, and brow pencil coming soon so I will rave about them in me next post! Along with my upcoming piercing ❀ 

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Lots of Love,



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