Life has been a hot mess!!!!

So I have literally been a hot mess the past few months! My posting have been all over the place and spread apart. My time has been consumed by many things and I haven’t set aside time for my blogging! Such a disappointment I know! I also know that that really isn’t much of an excuse. I need to get my crap in order and focus!!! I have been a Mega blonde I swear!

I have work 5 days a week, school 3 days a week, Scouts 1 day a week, 4 kids, and a home to take care of! Sometimes I feel like I am drowning with everything that I  have to get done/do. Also my time management is not the greatest in the world! So it’s not like that is in my favor either… lol…. so sitting here today and really thinking on what I need to do and get done and how I’m going to go about that is what today is all about. 

 I have really started using my planner so I can get my life in order and more organized!!! I am adding everything in my planner that needs to get done and I’m going to stick by it! (Try to stay by it letter by letter). I have had planners before and I never got into the whole planning thing. My planner that I got is one of the happy planners, which I am in love!!! The link is 

If you have never heard of Happy Planners you will totally have to check them out! Here is my gorgeous planner πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ I’m almost done filling out everything for next week!

My goal for the next month is to learn better time management skills and to put a lot more effort not only into my blog but everything else in life. To really take control of my life and get things in gear (grab the bull by the horns pretty much)! 
As you can all see in my weekly plan I have added digital downloads in there. Yes I am goi g to start creating digital downloads such as to do list and such for all of my amazing followers!! So why would you all want to get??? Drop me a comment below and let me know what type of downloads you all would love to get! 

Valentines Day is coming up in like literally 2 days!!!! Follow me on Instagram to see my Valentines look!!! I will also share it to you all here but follow meanyways! Ok so I am out all of you gorgeous people! The hubs birthday is coming up soon and so I decided to do that cute postcard idea for his birthday and it has been quite time consuming as well now I’m just trying to put it together!!! Yes I will show you all sneak peeks!!
Lots of Love,

Haley V.


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