Valentines Day (Anti or not) and Lipstick Love ❤💄

Happy Valentines to all of you gorgeous people!!! Also Happy Anti Valentines to those that are Anti V-Day! I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this holiday (like me). Either way you are loved ❤  Valentines Day makes me feel super torn… just because it is a day of love but every day should be a day filled with love (except those days your husband or boyfriend de idea to be not the smartest). I like celebrating it but I certainly won’t go all out or anything!

What is everyone’s plans for today? Dinner, date, stay at home, work? My day consists of taking kids to school, working on the hubs birthday present! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a sneak peek and me asking which calligraphy I should do… If you haven’t checked me out on Instagram then pause your reading, run on over to Instagram, look me up @haleys_beauty27, then look for my sneak peek and comment your opinion!!! I would love to hear it! 

Ok back to my day plans. Well obviously my day consists of being here and giving all of you lovely people something to entertain your time with. I am also going to start the creation of my digital downloads (let me know what you want to see)! Printing more pictures for the hubs as well as for my sister, mother, and brother… yes I am quite the catch!!! Then school and Scouts!! I am totally having the group make S’mores, learn sign language, and pitch a tent tonight! S’mores bring me back to the good old days! Yummy ❤ 

I’m sure my #motd and #ootd are not anything too major like some of you stunning people  but hey it’s all good!! 

So I’m sure you all know I love myself some lipstick, especially if it’s long lasting!! So I was introduced to LipSense and I fell in love! (I still love my LA Splash don’t get me wrong) This stuff is amazing. I signed up and said hey I will buy for myself and for family and friends and get myself a discount, love discounts and makeup!!! 

Now I am not advertising for myself, so don’t think I’m in this for me. A lovely woman, by the name of Courtney Langham, reached out to me recently on Facebook and she is also a LipSense distributor. She had asked me if I knew of LipSense (of course I do this stuff is like crack to me and no I’m not a drug user). She told me her story about how she started with the company, she is a single mother, and works full time and then some as a nurse! I tip my hat off to this woman for her strength! She started with the company to make extra money on the side! 

I am all for supporting fellow direct sales people because it’s supporting not only that person but maybe their families or helping them pay bills. Even more when it comes to smudge proof makeup that is like AMAZING for those who have jobs/hobbies or such and they can’t touch up their makeup all the time! So I was super excited to feature Courtney on my blog! You can find her on Facebook (this is what her profile looks like) 

Here is the link to her Beauty VIP group on Facebook (this is where the god stuff is at, like pictures of colors and sales!!).

Go ahead add yourself to her group! It won’t hurt you to check it out! She has a fun game going on with a chance to win a prize!!! Also if you have any questions or you are interested just shoot her a message, she will be more than happy to answer anything. Another plus is if you mention this blog you get a discount on your order!!!!! Woot Woot!!!

Going to wrap up this with a few details on LipSense then I’m going to head on over to her VIP Beauty Group and see what colors I need!!

Alright loves I’m going to go get my shop on and errands done!! Follow me on Instagram, and Facebook and tag me in your #motd and #ootd, you will also see mine on Instagram!!!!

Lots of Love,

Haley V.


3 thoughts on “Valentines Day (Anti or not) and Lipstick Love ❤💄

    • haleysworldofbeauty says:

      Hey! The lipstick color is $25 then the gloss that you need with it is $20… there is a oops remover that is $10 that will remove it but the remover is not necessary… ( I use baby wipes) as for a color like black orchid I’m sure we have one. There are 70 different colors and you can also use 2 different colors together to get a new color ( it calls for 3 layers of color so not all 3 layers have to be the same)


    • haleysworldofbeauty says:

      You can check out the Facebook link in my post and the colors will be shown there. Courtney will be super excited to answer questions


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