Makeup vanity and organizers DIY

So I recently got a desk to use as a makeup vanity!! Woot Woot! It’s a pretty wooden desk. Now I need to turn it into a vanity… mirror, makeup organizers, and all. I was surfing the web, lol, for DIY makeup vanity and organizers without blowing a fourtune!! Until I get rich there is no spending loads of money on anything other than clothes and of course makeup! So here are a few DIYs that I have found and will totally be trying out!

Candle Jar Makeup Holders

I came across Life Ann Style makeup organizer DIY and I totally love the idea of using old candle jars. I have plenty of those laying around!! Here is the how to for the cute candle jar makeup holders (she has loads more of ideas)

Pretty simple to put together. You of course have to get any leftover wax in the jars so by freezing the jars will cause the wax to shrink and it will just pop out! Next you have to wash the jars with soap and warm water to make sure you have rid any excess oils or what not. Once that is complete and your jars are dry you get to figure out how you will want them placed.

Magnetic Makeup Boards

This is a super easy and super cute idea! You also use up some of that empty wall space! This pretty project is super easy to make and very inexpensive. You will need fabric, magnets, sheets of metal, and a hot glue gun and taadaa a cute makeup board!! Here is the full instructions Liz Marie Blog

Makeup Brush Holders

I have seen cute DIY all over, ranging from mason jars to coffee mugs! I think that any jar can be made into a cute makeup brush holder.

Makeup brush holder
Vanity Mirror

Now you don’t have to go and spend loads on a super expensive mirror with lights when you can make your own!! The things that you will need is:

A mirror

Vanity light bars

Light Bulbs

Picture and frame hangers (or hardware)

Extension cords

Remote Lamp Control

Outlet adapter or extension cord (to connect lights to the wireless remote)

Scissors and screwdriver

Full instruction can be found over at A Love Affair Blog

Those are what I’m going to start off with and go from there! What are some makeup organizers DIY that you have tried out and love?

This is what my future vanity will look like…. or similar … my total vanity goals

Well babes that is all for now! I have kids bouncing all of the place! Until next week! I am going to change post days to every Tuesday so look out for my post on Tuesday!!!

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Lots of Love,

Haley V.


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