Spring Lipstick Colors

So I have never personally paid much attention to the spring colors or winter colors or whatever season colors. I tend to wear whatever I feel like whenever I want so….. yea. I have always loved makeup but I think I’m almost, I don’t know intimidated I guess, by makeup! I see so many gorgeous faces and they are so flawless and wow. I know practice makes perfect but I just need to jump in and practice. I am going to make a point on practicing because I have been lazy and I haven’t practiced much! I would love to be one of those gorgeous and flawless faces you see all over! I know you can’t become that bad of an ass MUA with just a snap of your fingers and I wish that was possible because I would have snapped a long time ago… but I’m still here….. snapping and waiting…..

Alright then, for all of you season color lovers out there here is what I would consider Spring Colors.

(Of course I’m going to use LA Splash colors just because I absolutely love their makeup but color wise whatever colors similar in other brands)

So to me spring colors would be more on the light side and of course throw in a few dark and you can’t forget the crazy colors (purples, blues, oranges, and such)! I would also have to say that a bright red is a color for every season! What colors are your favorite from the colors above? Hibiscus Panna Cotta may be my favorite but then again I love them all so I really can’t say which one it would be.

This color, Hestia, is also super gorgeous and I am in love with this MUA on Instagram Glam Boy Jay. His makeup skills are amazing!!! Maybe one day I will attempt to copy one of his looks! If I do which one should I try to copy? (Check out his account and comment my Instagram name in the photo of the look you want me to try to copy!!!)! I wonder if I can master one of the looks?!?

What are you spring lipstick colors?

Who are your fave Instagram MUA? 

Comment them below!! Remember to check out Glam Boy Jay’s looks and let me know which look I should copy, or of any other MUA!! Alright Good night Loves!

Lots of Love,

Haley V.


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