We lose ourselves… and we need to find ourselves again…

I must say that so far 2017 has been quite the year. I haven’t become crazy successful or anything as awesome but I have grown and learned. I have been able to get my somewhat crazy mom, school, and working life under control finally (about damn time!! Seriously). 

If you all follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I have just recently opened up and account on Poshmark!! Super stoked about it! I have a few items in there and I will be adding more as I receive them. I wanted to add the store here on my blog for you all but I need to look into that and see how that all works out. Any one that is Posher leave me your boutique name and I will follow and check you out! Ok now that I have said that let’s get into the talk of today. Losing ourselves, myself.

I feel that recently I have figured out again that despite being a mom, an employee, a student, a wife, and everything else that I am ( Super Mom I swear) I really need to be myself through it all. I have lost myself in all the chaos and craziness. It’s really easy to lose yourself. Life gets so demanding that you just kind of start to not do your makeup and hair as much, you don’t get as much sleep at night, and you just become too busy for yourself. We forget about ourselves a lot, especially when you are a parent. Everything becomes about the kids, or about your pets, work, or whatever else takes up your time and we lose sight of ourselves. We stop caring for ourselves and instead we care for others. We are people too, we just can’t see that. By placing ourself last in the line of care it drains every ounce of energy out of you. I know I personally have become sluggish. 

There will come a day when you realize that you need yourself and you need time for yourself. It’s so true that we need time for ourselves. YOU need time for yourself! I need time for myself. Time to learn how to love myself more, time to relax, time to discover who it is that I am meant to be. I need to do what I love. Put some more makeup on than I have been, get my butt into a workout class, eat healthier, smile more, laugh more and stop caring so darn much about becoming successful, stop focusing all my energy on it, and just go out there and accomplish it! We need to be our own lights in the darkness. We need to know that we can do anything and everything. Be confident and radiant!

I am going to be starting Buti Yoga next week. I met a woman the other day and she is a Buti instructor. I have never heard of Buti Yoga before so you bet I YouTubed it. It’s yoga with tribal dancing incorporated in it! Looks really exciting! I am so down for connecting with my internal warrior woman! I am also going to take up calligraphy like really take it up as well as photography. So be on a watch out for any calligraphy or photographs on my Instagram and tag me in yours!!

If you are stuck in the same boat as me let me know how you are going to give yourself the time and love you need!! Comment below and let me know what new hobby you are going to pick up or whatever it is you decide to do! 


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