Beauty Faves!!! 

Hey all of you beautiful people!! How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? Lucky me I live in Mexico so I get 2 Mother’s Days! You won’t hear me complaining. Lol! 

Now on to my beauty faves right now! I have never owned an high end eye palette before. I didn’t see a good enough reason in purchasing a high end palette. Now don’t get me wrong I did always want the Naked Palette and many others I just couldn’t imagine spending the money on it. I always stuck with BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, and pretty much the drugstore brands. Well recently I made the leap and I decided I had to get a high end Palette! So I picked up (ordered on the online) the Urban Decay Nocturnal Palette and the little Lorac Dance Til Dawn Palette….. 

They arrived in the mail and I was super excited! Packaging to so so pretty! Then I tried them both out and now I fully understand the hype on the high end palettes!! I absolutely absolutely love them!!! Such igmentation! Such beauty ❤️😍

These photos do not give these palettes justice. They are gorgeous colors!!! Here is my flatlay attempt…

Yes I know not the greatest photo in the world. I am  working on my flatlay photos… recently started. I need to get some props and a better background for it. So yes I promise I will get better at this whole flatlay thing. If you have any tips send them this way!!!! They will be more than accepted!

Ok so mow back to the Instagram photo, it contains the rest of my current beauty faves other than the 2 palettes.                          🌜Liquid Lipstick – LaSplash Cosmteics Velvet Matte in the color Party Girl                                                                                                 🌜Eyeshadow Primer – LaSplash Cosmetic Till Midnight Elixir Eyeshadow Primer                                                                                    🌜Foundation – NYX Total Control in the shade Natural                                                                                                                                     🌜 Foundation Brush- I got the set off of Amazon for like $15 for a set of 10 brushes and I love the foundation one!!!

Then of course I am totally in love with the Rose 🌹 sunglassses!! (Check out my PoshMark closet in the next week or 2 I may be adding super cute sunglasses!!!!!) What are your fave sunglasses at the moment? 
I have always admired people for are into sketching, graphic designing, and hand lettering: calligraphy and such! I have always wanted to try I and get into the more artistic side of myself but I just never did. Well I finally started!! I’m starting on hand lettering. I will be posting a photon my I stagram everyday of my hand lettering! So follow me and if you want to join in on this let’s do it!! Use the hashtag #handletteringchallengehb that way I can see all of your work or tag me in your post!! Whether you are an expert or a beginner you can take part! I’m a beginner so no laughing… practice makes perfect! 

Well beauties I have to get ready for Boy/Girl Scouts! So look out on my Instagram for photos!! 

Also any of you I to Bullet Journaling or Bible Journaling? Please send me a message/email!!! 
Lots of Love,

Haley V. 


One thought on “Beauty Faves!!! 

  1. Susann, The Biveros Effect says:

    Oh yes, I love my bullet journal. Quite new to it, though. I like your hand lettering – keep up the good work!


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