Revamp and name change

When I started this blog my focus was pretty much supposed to be beauty/makeup… I love love love makeup and I am determined to become great at it sometime in this life time. With time, trial and error I will become great!!

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t do enough makeup to keep up with my blog and social media. School, work, and kids are very demanding. In the mornings I get up and barely make it out the door in time with just getting the kids ready for school. Let alone actually putting any makeup on at all…. lipstick is a different story though. I have mastered driving and lipstick application 😑😏. 

So I have decided to kind of move my focus of this blog to Lipstick, art (hand lettering/doodling and such), and mommy lifestyle. I will not cut out makeup completely because I will totally share the amazing moments I have when I actually get to do my makeup!! Especially with my beauty school graduation coming up, we have to practice the makeup that we are going to do on our models. I’m totally going to push myself way out of my comfort zone and do something big!!  Loads of makeup! Dramatic eyes!! I’m not sure what I, going to do just yet but I am totally searching Pinterest for the perfect look. Graduation is going to be runway. So we have our models and we have to do their hair and makeup. 

I am super excited yet super scared about the graduation and graduating. In a matter of 3 weeks I graduate and I will officially be a hairstylist. Do I feel ready? Nope… I feel as if there is more I can learn to be better. I feel as if I maybe didn’t absorb enough in class when it came to theory time, but then again it is a trial and error profession. You make a mistake and learn from it and never do it again, hopefully. I believe it is all on the job where you learn the most. So let’s cross our fingers that by the end of the year I rock! 

By the way, I will still be doing makeup reviews when I actually get new makeup, which I have recently got the LaSplash UD Foundation! That review will be up on Tuesday. Of course on my Instagram I will have the #lotd (lipstick of the day) posts every day. I will do that and keep up with that! You will see loads of LaSplash lipsticks of course. Maybe one day I will get to collaborate with them…. goals! 

As I mentioned in the title of this blog, a name change for this blog and my social media! I am changing the name so it will go along with my move of focus for myself and this blog. I have chosen Lipstick, Letters, & Life! 

Does it should cheesy? I surely hope not!  What are your thoughts on the new name?

Alright all of you gorgeous people, I have a charity event to attend so until Tuesday! 😘

Lots of Love,

Haley V. 


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