Hobbies!!! What SkillShare classes am I taking ?

I apologize for missing the post on Tuesday. I came down with a pretty bad stomach virus. It was not pretty. I am feeling much better now though!

So as you all know I have recently picked up the hobby of hand lettering. I have always admired those who did handlettering or modern calligraphy… such art. I came across SkillShare and I noticed one of my favorite modern calligrapher (I have no clue what you would call them) Teela Cunningham is a teacher on SkillShare. You can find her on Instagram at Every Tuesday. She also has a blog you can check out Every Tuesday. I jumped on those classes for sure!!

It was awesome! I took several classes and I really have learned quite a bit. It helped me to get into hand lettering, the dos and don’ts of hand lettering. Here are the classes I have taken and are currently taking.

Intro to iPad Lettering – this class was super fun and really helpful! I am ordering a special stylus for this kind of hand lettering! This class is taught by Teela Cunningham, amazing work, so I highly recommend any class she teaches. 

Hand Lettering: 4 easy steps to modern calligraphy – this is a very easy and fun class! One of the first classes that I took. The teacher, Peggy Dean, is awesome. 
Bounce Letters: Adding Character to your Hand Lettering – Bouncy Letters!!!! I just recently finished this class so I’m testing out the bouncy lettering!! Taught by Teela Cunningham as well!!

Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners – Learn the basics and need to know with this class. The teacher is Mary Kate McDevitt.
The next couple of classes I have recently just started. Some apply towards this blog (creating new logo and such) and others apply towards hand lettering

Brushpen Logo Design – this class caught my eye. It looked like a lot of fun with a mixture of calligraphy and logo design. So I decided that I was going to try this class out and see if I could create my own logo design with calligraphy for this blog. Obviously you guys will know how it goes if I come out with a really awesome logo design. This class is taught by Matt Vergotis.

Beyond the Logo – this seems like it will be a good class! Taught by Courtney Eliseo. I will report back on if I like the class or not.
Design Simplified: Create a Media Kit for your Blog – I picked this so I can slowly learn what all I need to add to my blog to make it great! I read so many different blogs and they all have media kits/subscription emails and some pretty cool free goodies you can get. I really want to start adding that to mine. What will it be I have no clue. I, hoping to learn loads from this class to help advance my blog.

I do plan on taking a couple of more blog classes in order to improve this blog…. which ines i am not quite sure yet! SkillShare so far has been super freaking awesome! So many classes to choose from!  

Since I love SkillShare so much i had got my readers a special!! 2 months of Free SkillShare! Just click on the Free SkillShare and it will take you to the place for you to sign up and get started!!

Are you on SkillShare?  What classes are you taking? 

Let me know what classes your taking! 

Got to go babes! 

Lots of Love,

Haley V. 


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