Beauty faves of the week!

Hey babes!

Ok so I promised the review on the LaSplash Cosmetics UD Foundation!

Ok so I tend to be more on the oily side when it comes to my face. So finding a good foundation that doesn’t leave me with even more oil on me face is like a freaking miracle. Since my face is oily, I am all about that matte stuff!! I live in Mexico 🇲🇽, in the beautiful city of Rocky Point. So ordering LaSpalash here can take some time. Usually when a product from LaSpalsh Cosmetics comes out in the United Stqtes it takes about a month or so for it to be released here in Mexico. So I waited oh so patiently to get my hands on this baby. I had watched many reviews and videos on this foundation, so I was pumped when it was released here. I ordered the shade “Honey”. 

When it arrived I was super excited! The packaging is super cute! The contain reminds me of the crystal balls in the movie “The Labrynth”! It was bigger than I expected so that was a plus. So I used it and it blends really well! I love the matte finish, it doesnt leave me feeling like I have makeup caked on. It is pretty light yet great coverage! I wore it the entire day and I didn’t get super greasy in my T zone so I was pretty freaking happy about that. I did get a little greasy in the nose area but I’m guessing because I wear glasses and that is usually why. It stayed on all day, I didn’t have an issue with it sliding or anything. 

So my overall review on this foundation is I think it’s pretty freaking amazing! I believe in the US it costs almost $30 but that sure was a $30 we’ll spent! I am really happy with the outcome! I do however feel that if someone has dry skin that this might not be the best thing for them. I believe it is aimed more towards the oily skin types. Super pleased!

OnTuesdays I’m going to start posting my beauty faves of the week, whether it be makeup, hair care, or facial items! So with that said my beauty faves of the week!

Eyeshadow – Revealed 2 from Coastal Scents

Mascara – Dauntless Lashes in the color “Fearless” (black) from LaSplash Cosmetics

Lipstick – “Fallen Angel” from LaSplash Cosmetics

Eyeliner – “Onyx” from Senegence, this is an eyeshadow/ShadowSense and I just use a liner brush to apply it on!

I love all of these products ❤️ 

Have you ever tried them out? What are your thoughts on them?

Alright babes I am done for the day. I ran so many errands and cleaned the yard and house today along with Boy Scouts so I’m beat.

Lots of Love

Haley V.


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