I graduated!!! I’m finally free

It was a long 10 months of school, I must say! I literally thought I wasn’t going to make it through simply because of the stress. The stress from work, kids, school, hubby, home, and just life in general. I had wanted to go to cosmetology school for quite a few years but I just never did. So when I had the opportunity to go, I pretty much said screw it. I knew it was going to be a tough 10 months considering I was 7.5 months pregnant when I started school. I just didn’t realize the pressure and stress I added on to my plate. 

So now that I officially graduated and I am done with it I feel so relieved! The graduation day itself was a nerve rack. My family had come to visit for the first time so they were here that day. My graduation was suppose to start at 5pm and then my kids end of the school year musical was that same day at 8pm. I was running a little late getting ready for my graduation so I ended up not doing my makeup. I threw some clothes on and proceed to get my models hair and makeup done. We arrived at the convention center where it was going to take place and just sat there…. I noticed that I was the only one in my class not wearing all black or black and white. I wore black pants and blazer with a blue shirt so I was a total rebel. Lol kind of. Everyone had to come up to me and tell me I wasn’t wearing the correct colors. Oh well I really didn’t care at that point. 

So we sat down and had to wait until it finally started at 5:30. There were other classes that went up ahead of us so just sitting there waiting was eating at me. I checked my phone over and over looking to see what time it was. I was on a time limit because I had to get home by 7 at the latest to get the kids ready for their show. Then the time came! It was our time to go up and walk across that stage for our diploma! I so felt like throwing up everywhere when my name was called. I started walking up the stairs to the stage when I looked down and noticed I had a damn piece of paper and tape stuck to the bottom of my shoe. All I could think about was that I couldn’t bend over to grab it and how I was positive everyone would think it was toilet paper stuck to my shoe…. horrible moment.. so as I walked across the stage shaking hands I’m sure that I looked funny dragging my foot on the ground trying to get rid of that piece of paper.

Can you see the piece of paper?!? Yea… embarrassing right? Yep. So I made it to the other side and walked down the stairs. There was a lady at the bottom of the stairs that saw the piece of paper and laughed hysterically. SMH. So I took the paper off and went to sit back down. Now to wait for my model to walk across the stage and do her thing. Fast forward to the time of the runway time. They called my name and I walked up the stairs and stood in the corner while my model walked the runway! I was super nervous and excited at the same time. I know I did a decent job considering I was working with short hair, not long.

Photos were taken by Manny Sanchez Photography 😎. After my model walked we ran out the door so I could race home to get the monsters ready for their show… we made it on time thankfully. It was a long day and I really felt like pulling my hair out and dying. Yep. Very stressful but hey it’s done it’s over and now I can finally breathe and relax some!!

I am not a beauty school drop out!!!! Woot woot! Ok babes this old lady is super exhausted so I’m out! Until next time 

Haley V.


2 thoughts on “I graduated!!! I’m finally free

  1. femmerewritten says:

    Congrats on graduating! That sounds so fun, ahah. Good luck with the future! I’m interested in exploring more of your work.
    Stop by sometime,
    Mena | femmerewritten.com 🌷🌿


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