Photography ๐Ÿ“ธ

Photography has always been in the back of my mind. Something that has always interested me. I love being in front of the camera and behind the camera. I have modeled before so that i actually know how to do some what. Modeling is not too difficult to learn. It’s all about fCial expressions and knowing what facial expressions and such suit you the best! Then the rest of it is about moving and posing! Pretty easy to me. I went to modeling and acting school when I was younger so maybe that’s why. As for behindthe camera now that takes time and a good eye!

I got a camera, a beginner camera Canon SX40 HS, about a year ago but I never really picked it up. The reasoning was because I didn’t know how to use it. Yes I knew how to turn it on, point, and shoot. There were different settings and etc on it that pretty much scared me because I didn’t know what they were or how to use them. Yes I know I could have just Googled it and gone from there but it’s easier for someone to tell me and show me in these cases. I let that keep me from just jumping on in!

So recently my brother who is a photographer came down to visit for the first time and I had him give me a brief run down.  I was super excited when I actually knew more on how to use the camera! We went out to the beach and he was my model for the afternoon!! I also got some super cute photos of one of my monsters playing in the waves. I can not even begin to describe how it felt to have taken pictures and some of them actually turned out decent! 

After my brother left there were just a few more questions I had in regards to the camera. A good friend of mine is a photographer and I never thought of asking until now! Yep…. I felt like smacking myself over that. Well at least the questions were answered and I think I got a pretty darn good grasp of how to use the camera I have! Now it’s all about practice. Practice makes perfect! 

I am working on the editing side of photography as well. So I’m trying to figure out what my editing groove is. What makes the photos look the best. I have the photoshop and Lightroom apps on my iPad that I am using to edit all of my photos. I’m still trying to get the hang of that as well.

Any photographers in the house that have advice or tips for beginners? Send them my way! Anything that has to deal with taking them or editing them or if there is any online classes that are helpful! 

Now as for modeling I am aiming to maybe get photos taken soon! We will see! 

Alright babes this mom is off to her last scout meeting of this school year! 2 months break! Yay! 


Haley V.

P.S. how did my photography hand lettering turn out? And yes I need to change my logo.


I graduated!!! I’m finally free

It was a long 10 months of school, I must say! I literally thought I wasn’t going to make it through simply because of the stress. The stress from work, kids, school, hubby, home, and just life in general. I had wanted to go to cosmetology school for quite a few years but I just never did. So when I had the opportunity to go, I pretty much said screw it. I knew it was going to be a tough 10 months considering I was 7.5 months pregnant when I started school. I just didn’t realize the pressure and stress I added on to my plate. 

So now that I officially graduated and I am done with it I feel so relieved! The graduation day itself was a nerve rack. My family had come to visit for the first time so they were here that day. My graduation was suppose to start at 5pm and then my kids end of the school year musical was that same day at 8pm. I was running a little late getting ready for my graduation so I ended up not doing my makeup. I threw some clothes on and proceed to get my models hair and makeup done. We arrived at the convention center where it was going to take place and just sat there…. I noticed that I was the only one in my class not wearing all black or black and white. I wore black pants and blazer with a blue shirt so I was a total rebel. Lol kind of. Everyone had to come up to me and tell me I wasn’t wearing the correct colors. Oh well I really didn’t care at that point. 

So we sat down and had to wait until it finally started at 5:30. There were other classes that went up ahead of us so just sitting there waiting was eating at me. I checked my phone over and over looking to see what time it was. I was on a time limit because I had to get home by 7 at the latest to get the kids ready for their show. Then the time came! It was our time to go up and walk across that stage for our diploma! I so felt like throwing up everywhere when my name was called. I started walking up the stairs to the stage when I looked down and noticed I had a damn piece of paper and tape stuck to the bottom of my shoe. All I could think about was that I couldn’t bend over to grab it and how I was positive everyone would think it was toilet paper stuck to my shoe…. horrible moment.. so as I walked across the stage shaking hands I’m sure that I looked funny dragging my foot on the ground trying to get rid of that piece of paper.

Can you see the piece of paper?!? Yea… embarrassing right? Yep. So I made it to the other side and walked down the stairs. There was a lady at the bottom of the stairs that saw the piece of paper and laughed hysterically. SMH. So I took the paper off and went to sit back down. Now to wait for my model to walk across the stage and do her thing. Fast forward to the time of the runway time. They called my name and I walked up the stairs and stood in the corner while my model walked the runway! I was super nervous and excited at the same time. I know I did a decent job considering I was working with short hair, not long.

Photos were taken by Manny Sanchez Photography ๐Ÿ˜Ž. After my model walked we ran out the door so I could race home to get the monsters ready for their show… we made it on time thankfully. It was a long day and I really felt like pulling my hair out and dying. Yep. Very stressful but hey it’s done it’s over and now I can finally breathe and relax some!!

I am not a beauty school drop out!!!! Woot woot! Ok babes this old lady is super exhausted so I’m out! Until next time 

Haley V.

Beauty faves of the week!

Hey babes!

Ok so I promised the review on the LaSplash Cosmetics UD Foundation!

Ok so I tend to be more on the oily side when it comes to my face. So finding a good foundation that doesn’t leave me with even more oil on me face is like a freaking miracle. Since my face is oily, I am all about that matte stuff!! I live in Mexico ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ, in the beautiful city of Rocky Point. So ordering LaSpalash here can take some time. Usually when a product from LaSpalsh Cosmetics comes out in the United Stqtes it takes about a month or so for it to be released here in Mexico. So I waited oh so patiently to get my hands on this baby. I had watched many reviews and videos on this foundation, so I was pumped when it was released here. I ordered the shade “Honey”. 

When it arrived I was super excited! The packaging is super cute! The contain reminds me of the crystal balls in the movie “The Labrynth”! It was bigger than I expected so that was a plus. So I used it and it blends really well! I love the matte finish, it doesnt leave me feeling like I have makeup caked on. It is pretty light yet great coverage! I wore it the entire day and I didn’t get super greasy in my T zone so I was pretty freaking happy about that. I did get a little greasy in the nose area but I’m guessing because I wear glasses and that is usually why. It stayed on all day, I didn’t have an issue with it sliding or anything. 

So my overall review on this foundation is I think it’s pretty freaking amazing! I believe in the US it costs almost $30 but that sure was a $30 we’ll spent! I am really happy with the outcome! I do however feel that if someone has dry skin that this might not be the best thing for them. I believe it is aimed more towards the oily skin types. Super pleased!

OnTuesdays I’m going to start posting my beauty faves of the week, whether it be makeup, hair care, or facial items! So with that said my beauty faves of the week!

Eyeshadow – Revealed 2 from Coastal Scents

Mascara – Dauntless Lashes in the color “Fearless” (black) from LaSplash Cosmetics

Lipstick – “Fallen Angel” from LaSplash Cosmetics

Eyeliner – “Onyx” from Senegence, this is an eyeshadow/ShadowSense and I just use a liner brush to apply it on!

I love all of these products โค๏ธ 

Have you ever tried them out? What are your thoughts on them?

Alright babes I am done for the day. I ran so many errands and cleaned the yard and house today along with Boy Scouts so I’m beat.

Lots of Love

Haley V.

Hobbies!!! What SkillShare classes am I taking ?

I apologize for missing the post on Tuesday. I came down with a pretty bad stomach virus. It was not pretty. I am feeling much better now though!

So as you all know I have recently picked up the hobby of hand lettering. I have always admired those who did handlettering or modern calligraphy… such art. I came across SkillShare and I noticed one of my favorite modern calligrapher (I have no clue what you would call them) Teela Cunningham is a teacher on SkillShare. You can find her on Instagram at Every Tuesday. She also has a blog you can check out Every Tuesday. I jumped on those classes for sure!!

It was awesome! I took several classes and I really have learned quite a bit. It helped me to get into hand lettering, the dos and don’ts of hand lettering. Here are the classes I have taken and are currently taking.

Intro to iPad Lettering – this class was super fun and really helpful! I am ordering a special stylus for this kind of hand lettering! This class is taught by Teela Cunningham, amazing work, so I highly recommend any class she teaches. 

Hand Lettering: 4 easy steps to modern calligraphy – this is a very easy and fun class! One of the first classes that I took. The teacher, Peggy Dean, is awesome. 
Bounce Letters: Adding Character to your Hand Lettering – Bouncy Letters!!!! I just recently finished this class so I’m testing out the bouncy lettering!! Taught by Teela Cunningham as well!!

Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners – Learn the basics and need to know with this class. The teacher is Mary Kate McDevitt.
The next couple of classes I have recently just started. Some apply towards this blog (creating new logo and such) and others apply towards hand lettering

Brushpen Logo Design – this class caught my eye. It looked like a lot of fun with a mixture of calligraphy and logo design. So I decided that I was going to try this class out and see if I could create my own logo design with calligraphy for this blog. Obviously you guys will know how it goes if I come out with a really awesome logo design. This class is taught by Matt Vergotis.

Beyond the Logo – this seems like it will be a good class! Taught by Courtney Eliseo. I will report back on if I like the class or not.
Design Simplified: Create a Media Kit for your Blog – I picked this so I can slowly learn what all I need to add to my blog to make it great! I read so many different blogs and they all have media kits/subscription emails and some pretty cool free goodies you can get. I really want to start adding that to mine. What will it be I have no clue. I, hoping to learn loads from this class to help advance my blog.

I do plan on taking a couple of more blog classes in order to improve this blog…. which ines i am not quite sure yet! SkillShare so far has been super freaking awesome! So many classes to choose from!  

Since I love SkillShare so much i had got my readers a special!! 2 months of Free SkillShare! Just click on the Free SkillShare and it will take you to the place for you to sign up and get started!!

Are you on SkillShare?  What classes are you taking? 

Let me know what classes your taking! 

Got to go babes! 

Lots of Love,

Haley V. 

Revamp and name change

When I started this blog my focus was pretty much supposed to be beauty/makeup… I love love love makeup and I am determined to become great at it sometime in this life time. With time, trial and error I will become great!!

Sometimes I feel as if I don’t do enough makeup to keep up with my blog and social media. School, work, and kids are very demanding. In the mornings I get up and barely make it out the door in time with just getting the kids ready for school. Let alone actually putting any makeup on at all…. lipstick is a different story though. I have mastered driving and lipstick application ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜. 

So I have decided to kind of move my focus of this blog to Lipstick, art (hand lettering/doodling and such), and mommy lifestyle. I will not cut out makeup completely because I will totally share the amazing moments I have when I actually get to do my makeup!! Especially with my beauty school graduation coming up, we have to practice the makeup that we are going to do on our models. I’m totally going to push myself way out of my comfort zone and do something big!!  Loads of makeup! Dramatic eyes!! I’m not sure what I, going to do just yet but I am totally searching Pinterest for the perfect look. Graduation is going to be runway. So we have our models and we have to do their hair and makeup. 

I am super excited yet super scared about the graduation and graduating. In a matter of 3 weeks I graduate and I will officially be a hairstylist. Do I feel ready? Nope… I feel as if there is more I can learn to be better. I feel as if I maybe didn’t absorb enough in class when it came to theory time, but then again it is a trial and error profession. You make a mistake and learn from it and never do it again, hopefully. I believe it is all on the job where you learn the most. So let’s cross our fingers that by the end of the year I rock! 

By the way, I will still be doing makeup reviews when I actually get new makeup, which I have recently got the LaSplash UD Foundation! That review will be up on Tuesday. Of course on my Instagram I will have the #lotd (lipstick of the day) posts every day. I will do that and keep up with that! You will see loads of LaSplash lipsticks of course. Maybe one day I will get to collaborate with them…. goals! 

As I mentioned in the title of this blog, a name change for this blog and my social media! I am changing the name so it will go along with my move of focus for myself and this blog. I have chosen Lipstick, Letters, & Life! 

Does it should cheesy? I surely hope not!  What are your thoughts on the new name?

Alright all of you gorgeous people, I have a charity event to attend so until Tuesday! ๐Ÿ˜˜

Lots of Love,

Haley V. 

Beauty Faves!!!ย 

Hey all of you beautiful people!! How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? Lucky me I live in Mexico so I get 2 Mother’s Days! You won’t hear me complaining. Lol! 

Now on to my beauty faves right now! I have never owned an high end eye palette before. I didn’t see a good enough reason in purchasing a high end palette. Now don’t get me wrong I did always want the Naked Palette and many others I just couldn’t imagine spending the money on it. I always stuck with BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, and pretty much the drugstore brands. Well recently I made the leap and I decided I had to get a high end Palette! So I picked up (ordered on the online) the Urban Decay Nocturnal Palette and the little Lorac Dance Til Dawn Palette….. 

They arrived in the mail and I was super excited! Packaging to so so pretty! Then I tried them both out and now I fully understand the hype on the high end palettes!! I absolutely absolutely love them!!! Such igmentation! Such beauty โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

These photos do not give these palettes justice. They are gorgeous colors!!! Here is my flatlay attempt…

Yes I know not the greatest photo in the world. I am  working on my flatlay photos… recently started. I need to get some props and a better background for it. So yes I promise I will get better at this whole flatlay thing. If you have any tips send them this way!!!! They will be more than accepted!

Ok so mow back to the Instagram photo, it contains the rest of my current beauty faves other than the 2 palettes.                          ๐ŸŒœLiquid Lipstick – LaSplash Cosmteics Velvet Matte in the color Party Girl                                                                                                 ๐ŸŒœEyeshadow Primer – LaSplash Cosmetic Till Midnight Elixir Eyeshadow Primer                                                                                    ๐ŸŒœFoundation – NYX Total Control in the shade Natural                                                                                                                                     ๐ŸŒœ Foundation Brush- I got the set off of Amazon for like $15 for a set of 10 brushes and I love the foundation one!!!

Then of course I am totally in love with the Rose ๐ŸŒน sunglassses!! (Check out my PoshMark closet in the next week or 2 I may be adding super cute sunglasses!!!!!) What are your fave sunglasses at the moment? 
I have always admired people for are into sketching, graphic designing, and hand lettering: calligraphy and such! I have always wanted to try I and get into the more artistic side of myself but I just never did. Well I finally started!! I’m starting on hand lettering. I will be posting a photon my I stagram everyday of my hand lettering! So follow me and if you want to join in on this let’s do it!! Use the hashtag #handletteringchallengehb that way I can see all of your work or tag me in your post!! Whether you are an expert or a beginner you can take part! I’m a beginner so no laughing… practice makes perfect! 

Well beauties I have to get ready for Boy/Girl Scouts! So look out on my Instagram for photos!! 

Also any of you I to Bullet Journaling or Bible Journaling? Please send me a message/email!!! 
Lots of Love,

Haley V. 

We lose ourselves… and we need to find ourselves again…

I must say that so far 2017 has been quite the year. I haven’t become crazy successful or anything as awesome but I have grown and learned. I have been able to get my somewhat crazy mom, school, and working life under control finally (about damn time!! Seriously). 

If you all follow me on Instagram then you will have seen that I have just recently opened up and account on Poshmark!! Super stoked about it! I have a few items in there and I will be adding more as I receive them. I wanted to add the store here on my blog for you all but I need to look into that and see how that all works out. Any one that is Posher leave me your boutique name and I will follow and check you out! Ok now that I have said that let’s get into the talk of today. Losing ourselves, myself.

I feel that recently I have figured out again that despite being a mom, an employee, a student, a wife, and everything else that I am ( Super Mom I swear) I really need to be myself through it all. I have lost myself in all the chaos and craziness. It’s really easy to lose yourself. Life gets so demanding that you just kind of start to not do your makeup and hair as much, you don’t get as much sleep at night, and you just become too busy for yourself. We forget about ourselves a lot, especially when you are a parent. Everything becomes about the kids, or about your pets, work, or whatever else takes up your time and we lose sight of ourselves. We stop caring for ourselves and instead we care for others. We are people too, we just can’t see that. By placing ourself last in the line of care it drains every ounce of energy out of you. I know I personally have become sluggish. 

There will come a day when you realize that you need yourself and you need time for yourself. It’s so true that we need time for ourselves. YOU need time for yourself! I need time for myself. Time to learn how to love myself more, time to relax, time to discover who it is that I am meant to be. I need to do what I love. Put some more makeup on than I have been, get my butt into a workout class, eat healthier, smile more, laugh more and stop caring so darn much about becoming successful, stop focusing all my energy on it, and just go out there and accomplish it! We need to be our own lights in the darkness. We need to know that we can do anything and everything. Be confident and radiant!

I am going to be starting Buti Yoga next week. I met a woman the other day and she is a Buti instructor. I have never heard of Buti Yoga before so you bet I YouTubed it. It’s yoga with tribal dancing incorporated in it! Looks really exciting! I am so down for connecting with my internal warrior woman! I am also going to take up calligraphy like really take it up as well as photography. So be on a watch out for any calligraphy or photographs on my Instagram and tag me in yours!!

If you are stuck in the same boat as me let me know how you are going to give yourself the time and love you need!! Comment below and let me know what new hobby you are going to pick up or whatever it is you decide to do! 

Spring Lipstick Colors

So I have never personally paid much attention to the spring colors or winter colors or whatever season colors. I tend to wear whatever I feel like whenever I want so….. yea. I have always loved makeup but I think I’m almost, I don’t know intimidated I guess, by makeup! I see so many gorgeous faces and they are so flawless and wow. I know practice makes perfect but I just need to jump in and practice. I am going to make a point on practicing because I have been lazy and I haven’t practiced much! I would love to be one of those gorgeous and flawless faces you see all over! I know you can’t become that bad of an ass MUA with just a snap of your fingers and I wish that was possible because I would have snapped a long time ago… but I’m still here….. snapping and waiting…..

Alright then, for all of you season color lovers out there here is what I would consider Spring Colors.

(Of course I’m going to use LA Splash colors just because I absolutely love their makeup but color wise whatever colors similar in other brands)

So to me spring colors would be more on the light side and of course throw in a few dark and you can’t forget the crazy colors (purples, blues, oranges, and such)! I would also have to say that a bright red is a color for every season! What colors are your favorite from the colors above? Hibiscus Panna Cotta may be my favorite but then again I love them all so I really can’t say which one it would be.

This color, Hestia, is also super gorgeous and I am in love with this MUA on Instagram Glam Boy Jay. His makeup skills are amazing!!! Maybe one day I will attempt to copy one of his looks! If I do which one should I try to copy? (Check out his account and comment my Instagram name in the photo of the look you want me to try to copy!!!)! I wonder if I can master one of the looks?!?

What are you spring lipstick colors?

Who are your fave Instagram MUA? 

Comment them below!! Remember to check out Glam Boy Jay’s looks and let me know which look I should copy, or of any other MUA!! Alright Good night Loves!

Lots of Love,

Haley V.

Makeup vanity and organizers DIY

So I recently got a desk to use as a makeup vanity!! Woot Woot! It’s a pretty wooden desk. Now I need to turn it into a vanity… mirror, makeup organizers, and all. I was surfing the web, lol, for DIY makeup vanity and organizers without blowing a fourtune!! Until I get rich there is no spending loads of money on anything other than clothes and of course makeup! So here are a few DIYs that I have found and will totally be trying out!

Candle Jar Makeup Holders

I came across Life Ann Style makeup organizer DIY and I totally love the idea of using old candle jars. I have plenty of those laying around!! Here is the how to for the cute candle jar makeup holders (she has loads more of ideas)

Pretty simple to put together. You of course have to get any leftover wax in the jars so by freezing the jars will cause the wax to shrink and it will just pop out! Next you have to wash the jars with soap and warm water to make sure you have rid any excess oils or what not. Once that is complete and your jars are dry you get to figure out how you will want them placed.

Magnetic Makeup Boards

This is a super easy and super cute idea! You also use up some of that empty wall space! This pretty project is super easy to make and very inexpensive. You will need fabric, magnets, sheets of metal, and a hot glue gun and taadaa a cute makeup board!! Here is the full instructions Liz Marie Blog

Makeup Brush Holders

I have seen cute DIY all over, ranging from mason jars to coffee mugs! I think that any jar can be made into a cute makeup brush holder.

Makeup brush holder
Vanity Mirror

Now you don’t have to go and spend loads on a super expensive mirror with lights when you can make your own!! The things that you will need is:

A mirror

Vanity light bars

Light Bulbs

Picture and frame hangers (or hardware)

Extension cords

Remote Lamp Control

Outlet adapter or extension cord (to connect lights to the wireless remote)

Scissors and screwdriver

Full instruction can be found over at A Love Affair Blog

Those are what I’m going to start off with and go from there! What are some makeup organizers DIY that you have tried out and love?

This is what my future vanity will look like…. or similar … my total vanity goals

Well babes that is all for now! I have kids bouncing all of the place! Until next week! I am going to change post days to every Tuesday so look out for my post on Tuesday!!!

Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook 

Lots of Love,

Haley V.

Valentines Day (Anti or not) and Lipstick Love โค๐Ÿ’„

Happy Valentines to all of you gorgeous people!!! Also Happy Anti Valentines to those that are Anti V-Day! I know some people have a love/hate relationship with this holiday (like me). Either way you are loved โค  Valentines Day makes me feel super torn… just because it is a day of love but every day should be a day filled with love (except those days your husband or boyfriend de idea to be not the smartest). I like celebrating it but I certainly won’t go all out or anything!

What is everyone’s plans for today? Dinner, date, stay at home, work? My day consists of taking kids to school, working on the hubs birthday present! If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a sneak peek and me asking which calligraphy I should do… If you haven’t checked me out on Instagram then pause your reading, run on over to Instagram, look me up @haleys_beauty27, then look for my sneak peek and comment your opinion!!! I would love to hear it! 

Ok back to my day plans. Well obviously my day consists of being here and giving all of you lovely people something to entertain your time with. I am also going to start the creation of my digital downloads (let me know what you want to see)! Printing more pictures for the hubs as well as for my sister, mother, and brother… yes I am quite the catch!!! Then school and Scouts!! I am totally having the group make S’mores, learn sign language, and pitch a tent tonight! S’mores bring me back to the good old days! Yummy โค 

I’m sure my #motd and #ootd are not anything too major like some of you stunning people  but hey it’s all good!! 

So I’m sure you all know I love myself some lipstick, especially if it’s long lasting!! So I was introduced to LipSense and I fell in love! (I still love my LA Splash don’t get me wrong) This stuff is amazing. I signed up and said hey I will buy for myself and for family and friends and get myself a discount, love discounts and makeup!!! 

Now I am not advertising for myself, so don’t think I’m in this for me. A lovely woman, by the name of Courtney Langham, reached out to me recently on Facebook and she is also a LipSense distributor. She had asked me if I knew of LipSense (of course I do this stuff is like crack to me and no I’m not a drug user). She told me her story about how she started with the company, she is a single mother, and works full time and then some as a nurse! I tip my hat off to this woman for her strength! She started with the company to make extra money on the side! 

I am all for supporting fellow direct sales people because it’s supporting not only that person but maybe their families or helping them pay bills. Even more when it comes to smudge proof makeup that is like AMAZING for those who have jobs/hobbies or such and they can’t touch up their makeup all the time! So I was super excited to feature Courtney on my blog! You can find her on Facebook (this is what her profile looks like) 

Here is the link to her Beauty VIP group on Facebook (this is where the god stuff is at, like pictures of colors and sales!!).

Go ahead add yourself to her group! It won’t hurt you to check it out! She has a fun game going on with a chance to win a prize!!! Also if you have any questions or you are interested just shoot her a message, she will be more than happy to answer anything. Another plus is if you mention this blog you get a discount on your order!!!!! Woot Woot!!!

Going to wrap up this with a few details on LipSense then I’m going to head on over to her VIP Beauty Group and see what colors I need!!

Alright loves I’m going to go get my shop on and errands done!! Follow me on Instagram, and Facebook and tag me in your #motd and #ootd, you will also see mine on Instagram!!!!

Lots of Love,

Haley V.